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Full Service Design

Full-Service Interior Design is the best design service we offer. With this package, we plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish.
Stress-free interior design is possible with our Full-Service Interior Design Package; let us design your project to completion, take care of all the details, and give you the best experience possible up to the big reveal.
*Prices are per space. Bundle three or more spaces for a custom "package" price.
What to Expect from our Full-Service Design Package
Our exclusive and incredibly detailed 3 Phase Design Process will take your project from start to finish.
Design Plan phase :
•Accurate measurements of the space
•A "Trade Day" (if necessary)
•Detailed floor plan to scale
•Custom color scheme for your space
•Complete lighting plan
•Conceptual style and accessory plan
•Up to two detailed renderings of the space complete with furnishings, lighting, window treatments, etc.
•Furniture plan
•Comprehensive budget to complete the space
•Design Plan presentation with Ilona Karneyenka
Procurement phase:
•Design Plan approval
•Order and procurement of all furnishings and products
•Detailed schedule creation and installation
•Construction and renovation management
•Organized logistics tracking
•Project troubleshooting and problem-solving
•Style plan creation and presentation
Installation Phase:
•Final installation planning
•Project troubleshooting and problem-solving
•Reveal day preparations
•Accessory and style plan prep and organization
•Organized logistics planning and troubleshooting
•Delivery, installation, and reveal day
•Media day (if needed)
•Final walk-thru
Our Full-Service Interior Design Process:
1. After having a "Discovery Call" and "Initial Consultation" with us, you can begin the Full-Service Design Process. We will set up your project in our Online Studio where you will find all project paperwork (proposal and contract) for your approval. When all parties have reviewed and agreed to the design package and project paperwork, we will collect 100% of design fees to begin the Full-Service Design plan.
2. Our team will measure, if not already done, collaborate with tradesmen and tradeswomen, and begin the creative process to build a comprehensive Design Concept to furnish, style, and construct your new space. The Design Concept will be presented after 4 weeks and will include investment figures and visuals for you to understand the design direction. At this meeting, we will discuss all options presented and gather your feedback. This will start the final design phase.
3. After about 4-6 weeks of diligent work on your final Design Plan, we will present our full vision of your space for approval. Many elements will be actual, purchasable items, however, some design elements, such as styling, may be conceptual. If needed, we will make a revision or modification so that all parties are happy and ready to move on to the next phase.
4. After the Design Plan has been signed and approved; we will finalize all selections and collect payment for all products and materials so that we can begin the procurement phase. Orange & Orange Interior Design will manage and order all products, materials, furnishings, and finishes for the project on your behalf throughout the entire project.
5. Our team will create a project schedule and coordinate all tradespeople who are necessary for the job and begin work. We will provide you the best timeline we possibly can so that you can plan around the work we are doing in your home. We will also track and coordinate all freight, shipments, and deliveries, hold and store all items until the Installation Phase. If items arrive broken or incorrect, we will handle everything and make it right.
6. Until now, the style of the space has been conceptual in nature. Although we like to keep the styling part of the project a surprise for reveal day, our team will actually meet with you to discuss our plan and vision for the styling elements, tones, textures within the space for approval.
7. As we approach the end of the project, we will begin to install the finishing touches and accessories in the space(s). Our team will begin preparations for Reveal Day on our end and provide you with an install date. We ask that you plan to do something fun while we install your space so that we can have the house to ourselves and give you that big surprise moment.
8. A tremendous amount of planning goes into preparing for the final install day; these days are often 12 hour days for us. We ask that you be not home during this process because it can be hectic. We will deliver furnishings and install every last detail and accessory so that when you come home, your space is entirely complete. You will have 5 days to let us know about any Styling elements you do not wish to keep.
9. Typically about 5 days after the Install and Reveal Day, Ilona will visit you in your home for a final walkthrough of the project. We’ll ask that you have a very detailed "punch list" so we can take care of those items during our final walkthrough of the space.
Let us handle everything about your project from start to finish. Designing a space all the way through to completion is what we do best!